“Ava Jean’s Wings” is coming August 22, 2021!

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“Ava Jean’s Wings” is an illustrated poem/children’s book printed in hardcover format, on eco-friendly paper, in Canada. The story is about a young girl, Ava Jean, who arrives in heaven only to find that all of the other angels hide their wings and always stay inside! Ava Jean refuses to hide her wings and because of that the other angels shun her. She then ventures outside and realizes that her wings do have a purpose — she is meant to fly! This heartwarming story teaches children to ask why, challenge the status quo, and embrace all of who they are! 

The last page of the book and one of my favourites – angels are meant to fly!
Kickstarter has selected “Ava Jean’s Wings” as a “Project We Love” for it’s compelling message and creativity!
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